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Move to Costa Rica

Moving to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a safe haven and a beautiful place to live and enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. Whether you are single or moving your entire family, we help make your move to Costa Rica a smooth transition. Schedule a call with our experts today who can help you with your moving process.


There are several residency options available to expats wishing to stay long-term and needing more than just the 90-day visitor visa. We can help you find the options that fit your circumstances. We also help with due diligence in the local governments from start to finish for your residency, banking, and corporation and property taxes so you are 100 percent in compliance with Costa Rican laws.


We can help you with your shipping needs, whether you are furnishing your home, importing your car, or moving your pets to Costa Rica. Costa Rica has an 80 percent import tax. We help streamline your shipping expenses and increase your tax reductions with our personal connection to Aduana (customs) officials. Through our connections, we can speed up the shipping process, getting your assets door to door and not left sitting at the dock.

Construction Management

Whether you want to build a home or have a bigger plan in mind, you need someone to oversee it all. Having a project management company with feet on the ground and years of experience dealing with Costa Rican professionals will definitely come in handy. We can provide you with proper due diligence paperwork with local government, and risk management (overseeing crew and reports back to owner). We also provide in-house architecture, renovations, and design planning.